Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a much-beloved philanthropist, person, and President. He championed an untold number of accomplishments and advancements for the American people. This modest house, situated on a hilltop in the small town of Warm Springs, Georgia, helped Mr. Roosevelt complete some of his most notable achievements.

The Little White House, as it came to be known, was built by the Roosevelt’s in 1932 while still the governor of New York. FDR had been vacationing in Warm Springs since 1924 because of the natural hot springs in nearby Pine Mountain. He hoped the “healing water” would provide a miracle for him as well. Unfortunately, he was not cured of polio, but his visits to Warm Springs permitted him a break from normal political life.

While in rural Georgia, FDR would drive around the countryside, speaking with farmers and locals, learning about their strifes and struggles. When inaugurated as President in 1933, he used his experiences in Georgia as a basis for his widely successful New Deal. This modest Little White House provided not only home and respite to FDR, but also ushered in a new era in American life.

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