The Mission

History Well Travelled was created as a way for you to experience history like never before. Traveling to the places where famous people visited or lived, where battles raged, and where legends began speaks to the soul on an entirely different level than a classroom setting or a documentary. Our goal is to provide you with a unique travel experience, one that will educate but leave a lasting mark on your life. We have woven stories of peoples and places long forgotten into relatable and modern encounters.

The Story

History Well Travelled was created by me, Morgan Cantrell, as a combination of my two great loves: history and travel.

I grew up in Carrollton, Georgia, where I fostered a love of history. As a child, I may have been the last picked to play a kickball game in school, but I was always the first pick for a game of trivia. I graduated with a Bachelor of Art in History from Auburn University in 2012 (War Eagle!) and a Master of Art in History from the University of West Georgia in 2019. During grad school, I specialized in Heritage Tourism, where I examined how tour guides directly impact visitors’ tour experience.

By the age of 25, I had visited over half of the US States, lived in Ireland for a year, studied abroad in Scotland, and travelled on four continents. I don’t have a favorite place but have admitted that I would like to get lost in the Irish countryside. I went dog sledding in the Arctic Circle, saw the sunrise over the River Nile, and played in the snow atop Pike’s Peak.

For several years, I searched for a way to combine my loves of history and travel into one career. From that desire, History Well Travelled was born. I wanted to teach history in the physical locations where history happened. There’s something truly magical to learning about the Revolutionary War in Boston or Virginia or to touching the temples and giant pyramids in Egypt, knowing that humans, like you and me, built those structures 1,000s of years ago. You can’t get that emotion or experience in a classroom or watching a documentary.

So, in 2020, I took a giant leap and began History Well Travelled, a tour company that offers various day and multi-day trips. Almost all tours center around local Georgia history; however, overnight trips will be provided throughout the US and internationally once COVID-19 calms down. Custom private tours and experiences can also be curated!

When you join a tour with History Well Travelled, you’ll be guided by an academically trained historian and a certified tour guide/director. You will have a professional with you to answer your questions and provide an unforgettable experience.

I hope to see you on tour soon!