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History Well Travelled was created as a way for you to experience history like never before. Traveling to the places where famous people visited or lived, where battles raged, and where legends began speaks to the soul on an entirely different level than a classroom setting or a documentary. Our goal is to provide you with a unique travel experience, one that will educate but leave a lasting mark on your life. We have woven stories of peoples and places long forgotten into relatable and modern encounters.

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The Grand Canyon

The first Europeans visited the Grand Canyon in 1540 when García López de Cárdenas led...

What Other Travellers Say

Historic Walking Tour of Carrollton

Seth from Carrollton

We had the best time and learned so much about Carrollton! Morgan is extremely knowledgeable and makes the tour very entertaining! Can’t wait to go on another tour!

Historic Walking Tour of Carrollton

Kimberly from Carrollton

We did a walking history tour of Carrollton a learned so much about the place we love and call home! Amazing how you can live somewhere for most of your life a realize you know so little about the history that created it. Highly recommend! Morgan has a passion for history and a gift for leading tours!

Historic Walking Tour of Carrollton

Karyn from Carrollton

This is an incredible tour! I have lived in Carrollton most of my life and am amazed at the knowledge I gained. Morgan is an engaging and proficient guide. I truly appreciated her insight into the history of the city. I plan to take advantage of this tour again with friends and family! I am looking forward to the possibility of more tours involving Carrollton in the future!

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